Executive Auto Body Collision Repair Services

From scratch repair, frame-straightening, paint-less dent removal to bumper repair, the I-Car certified technicians of Executive Auto Body’s Collision Center are the most skilled in the auto repair business.

Whether your vehicle has been sideswiped, scratched, rear-ended or dented, we will repair your vehicle’s body damage to its pre-accident condition.

Chips & Scratches in Auto Body Paint

Small rocks and other harsh objects can cause damage to your vehicle when traveling at high rates of speed. This may cause nicks and dings in your cars’ paint finish causing damage. This results in a loss of adhesion of the paint to the vehicle. Executive Auto Body Collision Repair can repair these blemishes before they become a large problem. This process may be completed by several different techniques such as sanding, feather-edging and refinishing. This process prevents the paint from continuing to chip in areas where the paint has been removed. It helps restore the paint to make your car look like new.

Remove Scratches from Paint

Superficial scratches are those that break through the clear-coat or base paint, while deep scratches extend into the primer or as far down as the metal. Superficial scratches in paint can be repaired in a matter of hours, while deep scratch repairs take more time. To properly remove scratches from car paint the area must be sanded with very fine sandpaper, then a deep buffing is applied to level the color and then the repair is sealed. Deep scratches are often completed in hours, but may require a longer drying period and the new paint finish will look smooth and glossy.

Car Bumper Repair or Bumper Replacement

Like all services at Executive Auto Body, our bumper repair service includes our lifetime warranty, and we can often repair your bumper for less than other auto body shops.

New technology allows us to repair the original bumper rather than replacing it, which may be more costly. Our experienced collision repair technicians frequently repair dented bumpers, and then expertly match the paint color to keep it looking like new.

Repairing Auto Body Dents

The Executive Auto Body dent repair system starts with superior metalworking techniques. Body fillers are sometimes used sparingly to cover minor defects after the metal has been straightened. We then feather-edge the filler and smoothly blend the old paint to match. The next step is to prime the surface to prepare the vehicle for refinishing. Finally, we paint the affected areas and apply a clear coat for a long lasting, like new finish.

Replacement auto parts

Executive Auto Body’s general policy is to use manufacturer’s original parts. When original parts are not available, we often offer the option to choose from used or aftermarket parts. However, if your insurance company requests that aftermarket parts be used, we will be sure to comply.

Dent Repair

Executive Auto Body’s Collision Center can bring your car back to its original condition quickly and professionally by starting with expert metalworking, refining minor surface irregularities, feather-edging, priming, and refinishing and clear coat techniques.
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